` Just a female deer


SPOTLIGHT: Color-Coded Photography by Emily Blincoe

A sweet collection of assorted musings by photographer Emily Blincoe based in Texas. All objects stored and arranged in colors and themes. 

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To confuse your friends when they wake from their hangovers


Defying all possible notions of reality is the installation work of Leandro Erlich.


I am a woman. I am a practicing attorney. I am the only woman in my office over the age of 35 who doesn’t color her hair. I have some gray, but not a lot yet, and I never seriously considered coloring my hair until this job. I don’t want to: it’s expensive and a pain in the ass to keep up. About a year ago, I was in court, and a female attorney walked in with curly, bobbed, naturally gray hair, and her mere act of publicly displaying her natural hair color seemed not just unusual but defiant. Meanwhile many men in my office and in the courts have gray hair, and I doubt anyone thinks twice about it.



Coloring coloring books into a whole new level.

Art on the right by: http://loish.deviantart.com/
Coloring book pages belong to Disney.

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Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou


Pizza with heirloom tomatoes, shredded goat Gouda and basil


Scarves by Shovava




Powerpuff Girls was actually a show about a group of small children crushing the patriarchy and no one will convince me otherwise

Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise obviously wasn’t watching the same show.